Bubbles Room: 8 weeks to 1 year old 

The teachers in this classroom are committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment where your child can start to explore and develop both their minds and their bodies.  We use age appropriate toys, music, and games to promote development.  Parents design their child's schedule including both feeding and sleep schedules.  A daily "happy note” will be provided by the teachers so parents are informed of their child's day.

Balloons Room:  8 months to 18 months

This is an exciting age when babies learn how to move around the world by walking and expressing wants and needs with words and gestures.  Teachers in this classroom use songs and games to help develop social skills as well as verbal skills.  Books are read in this classroom daily because listening to a story is the first step in the awareness of words.  Each child receives individual attention based on their needs.    

Crayons:  16 months to 27 months

Children are introduced to circle time in this classroom.  Circle time helps children to learn both academically and socially.  Days of the week, months of the year and weather are included in circle time.  Children are also introduced to daily lesson plans based on the theme of the week.  Lesson plans have an art or game objective which helps to develop both fine and gross motor skills.  

Pencils: 24 months to 3 years old

Circle time is expanded in this classroom.  Children are now able to interact and answer questions posed by the teacher during circle time.  This helps children to develop self-esteem and social skills.  Children will have lesson plans based on the theme of the week. 

Erasers: 30 months to young 3 year olds

This room helps children get ready for preschool.  Children are introduced to center activities.  Center activities are small group activities.  They may consist of games, toys, art, sand box, music etc.  Daily lesson plans and circle time help children to develop fine motor skills and gross motor skills. 

Preschool: Markers:  Older 3 year olds, Books: 4 year olds, Rulers: 5 year olds

In preschool teachers guide children in getting reading for Kindergarten.  Teachers sing songs, read books, practice letter names as well as sounds.  Lesson plans in this room are used to develop awareness of letters and numbers in the written form.  Children also practice writing their names.  Weekly themes are used for art which helps to develop hand strength and grip for children.  

Summer Camp: 6-12 years old

For 10 weeks in the summer Great Beginnings provides care for your school age child.  Some of our highlights of summer camp are end of summer talent show, camp sleepover, daily art projects, morning meeting, and group games at the park and Friday pizza day. We enjoy field trips weekly.  Some of our past trips have included picnics, fruit picking at an orchard, swimming, movies, aquarium, zoo and many more.  Teachers create lesson plans based on the theme of the week.  All art projects are based on this theme.  We also have "Fun Friday" each week where we have a special theme for the day.  Some "Fun Fridays" of the past have included pj day, crazy hat day, Halloween day, multicultural fair as well as many others.  Keep us in mind for your child this summer!!